Thornhill Capital: a company of investors/operators.

We breathe new life into companies that are facing growth and funding challenges.

Who Are We?

Our approach: to use our experience in strategic corporate consolidations and growth management to develop robust entrepreneurial platforms.

Our process: to provide a fair picture of the situation and use our teams’ expertise to develop a proactive strategy that maximizes the company’s assets to ensure its growth.

Our trigger: to identify companies whose raw material is talent.

Our asset: to use our financial capacity to raise the necessary funds.

Secteurs d’expertise

Génie conseil






Commerce de détail

Services professionnels


Telecom: creating a skills ecosystem

Thornhill Capital has consolidated several telecommunications companies to create a robust entrepreneurial platform. Today, SC360, QuestZone, MDJ Inter-réseautage, Marcomm and Netricom form an ecosystem that employs more than 1,000 people and provides networking and cable installation services.

Insurance: secure and reassure

As a partner of Thornhill Capital, the Assura Group is a consulting firm specializing in tailored insurance, estate planning, asset management, group insurance and benefits solutions.

Agri-food: investment and drive

Thornhill Capital acquired Raymond O’Neil & Sons Fisheries in New Brunswick. Today, the company processes over 6 million pounds of lobster and distributes its products in Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe and Mexico.

Engineering: providing integrated services from design to implementation

In founding The Beaver Group, Thornhill Capital has consolidated the know-how of major engineering firms, creating a synergy of expertise, resources and territories. With more than 1,200 employees, The Beaver Group now offers multidisciplinary services combining engineering, project management, construction, environmental protection and systems integration to provide global solutions that meet its clients’ most complex requirements, from design to implementation. The Beaver Group is now considered a major player in Quebec and Eastern Canada.

FNX-INNOV, a multidisciplinary engineering company recognized for its innovation and the quality of its technical and technological performance, offering a full range of services in environment, energy, infrastructure, water treatment, building, energy efficiency, industrial and mining engineering, telecommunications, earth sciences and materials engineering.

Kolostat®, a company offering a one-stop shop of building energy services, sustainable development, and building infrastructure upgrades. Recognized as a fully integrated mechanical contractor in the industrial and commercial HVAC fields, Kolostat® specializes in design-build projects in Quebec, Ontario and around the world.

AXC-Construction, a pioneering company in the field of engineering-construction. By adapting to different markets and developing a global approach, AXC-Construction offers all the engineering and construction services required for the optimal development of specific mandates or turnkey projects.

The S. M. Group International Inc., a multidisciplinary company offering integrated, sustainable and safe solutions for any international project in the fields of energy, telecommunication, infrastructure, building and environment, as an expert engineer, technological solutions integrator or project owner.

Over time, Thornhill Capital has transformed itself to become a company of investors/operators

We analyze, we invest, we operate. Today.

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