Thornhill Capital: a company of investors/operators.

We breathe new life into companies that are facing growth and funding challenges.

Who Are We?

Our approach: to use our experience in strategic corporate consolidations and growth management to develop robust entrepreneurial platforms.

Our process: to provide a fair picture of the situation and use our teams’ expertise to develop a proactive strategy that maximizes the company’s assets to ensure its growth.

Our trigger: to identify companies whose raw material is talent.

Our asset: to use our financial capacity to raise the necessary funds.

Secteurs d’expertise

Génie conseil






Commerce de détail

Services professionnels


Telecom: creating a skills ecosystem

Thornhill Capital has consolidated several telecommunications companies to create a robust entrepreneurial platform. Today, SC360, QuestZone, MDJ Inter-réseautage, Marcomm and Netricom form an ecosystem that employs more than 1,000 people and provides networking and cable installation services.

Insurance: secure and reassure

As a partner of Thornhill Capital, the Assura Group is a consulting firm specializing in tailored insurance, estate planning, asset management, group insurance and benefits solutions.

Agri-food: investment and drive

Thornhill Capital acquired Raymond O’Neil & Sons Fisheries in New Brunswick. Today, the company processes over 6 million pounds of lobster and distributes its products in Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe and Mexico.

Over time, Thornhill Capital has transformed itself to become a company of investors/operators

We analyze, we invest, we operate. Today.

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