Today. We analyze. We invest. We operate.

Thornhill Capital’s mission is to unite the know-how of experts and specialists to exceed expectations and meet the challenges of tomorrow. As visionaries, we believe that by pooling our strengths and expertise, together we can reach our full potential.

Our approach : use our experience in strategic corporate consolidation and growth management to bring robust entrepreneurial platforms to life.

Our approach : get an accurate picture of the situation, and use our teams’ expertise to develop a proactive strategy that maximizes the company’s assets for growth.

Our trigger : identify companies whose raw material is talent.

Our strength : leverage our financial capacity to raise the necessary funds.

  • More than 1,500 resources

  • Strategic, operational and financial solutions in all business sectors

  • Innovative solutions and integrated services from design to execution for companies in the construction industry

  • Leading player in Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada

  • A synergy of expertise, resources and territories


Our ambition: to join forces to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our aim is to unite companies in order to create a synergy of skills and offer global solutions to our customers’ most complex requirements.


We believe in the identity and independence of each of our companies. We respect their values and vision, and integrate them into that of the Group. We are convinced that it is the specificities of each of our businesses that set us apart.


Innovation is an integral part of our DNA. With our sights firmly set on the future, our business choices are directly linked to our ability to propose innovative solutions that will be at the forefront of today’s trends and meet tomorrow’s realities.

Over time, Thornhill Capital has evolved into a company of operating investors.

Today. We analyze. We invest. We operate.

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