From the inception of Thornhill Capital, the company provided two main service components.

Consulting services, i.e., our teams’ expertise was put to good use in due diligence analysis, financial needs analysis, strategic proposals involving, for example, the sale or acquisition of divisions, industry consolidations and operational diagnoses.

Direct investments, i.e., our financial capacity enabled us over the years to take direct shareholdings, extend loans, buyback shares and support executive teams’ buyout plans.

Over time, Thornhill Capital has transformed itself to become a company of investors/operators, thereby consolidating the two main components of its service offer into a single one.

We analyze, we invest, we operate. Today.

Due Diligence
Analysis of Financial Needs
Industry Consolidation
Operational Diagnostics

Equity Investments
 Management Buyout


Approach is carried out in two phases.

We begin with a comprehensive diagnostics that helps us thoroughly understand the situation at hand and establish a proactive strategy, one that optimizes the company's core strengths, which in turn produces maximum results.

Second, our financial capacity enables us to mobilize the funds needed to support this strategy. We interact with management, the board of directors, shareholders as well as financiers.

We quickly deploy specialized resources to interact with management, the board of directors, shareholders or debt holders.
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